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Tour De France 2013

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  • Tour De France 2013

    So with the tour start a mere day away, I thought I'd get an area going for those interested to chat and argue about all the OMG moments that I'm sure this tour will provide!

    So anyone else getting excited for this years epic?

    Any predictions/wishes? I'm hoping frome in yellow and cav in green!

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    Re: Tour De France 2013

    I'll be watching it. I think Froome deserved more recognition than he got last year, so it'd be good if he was up there in yellow this time.

    I did hear something about recent rainfall paterns in the Pyrenees which could cause landslides. Hopefully they won't have to make any major changes to the route, if that does happen.
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      Re: Tour De France 2013

      So we are off! And a cheeky breakaway on the first day!

      The only thing I keep thinking though is that last year he had no pressure, wiggo was the lead man in the team, and wiggo got all the attention on and off the road. It will be interesting to see how he deals with being the main danger man and leader of the team. However if he rides like last year and has the full support of the team and manages to deal with all the pressure of expectation placed on him via media and the like, then I reckon we will have a Brit in yellow again!


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        Re: Tour De France 2013

        Well what a start.. Absolute chaos in Corsica! Coaches stuck on the finish line and some pretty spectacular crashes! If the first days anything to go by this is gonna be the most fantastic 100th tour!

        Let's hope for more British involvement tomorrow!


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