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    Curly... There's a lot of advice about marketing out there but usually it involves paying a fair bit of cash to the person advising you and basically they will give you some sales scripts and when you aren't making enough money they'll tell you to read some Tony Robbins.

    I got pretty lucky, but it took a while and there were times when my friends and family were telling me to quit and get a day job again, there have been times in the last 8 years when I've been seriously poor. But now I'm at a place where I'm able to get a few classes of 30-40 a week and charge 4 a head, so it keeps me in airsoft money. I don't make them pay a membership on contract or anything like that, so they only come if they are enjoying the class, which I like because it keep me honest and on my toes: if the numbers start to drop I know I'm getting a bit stale.

    I've found with each class I start in an area, the hard bit is to get over 25 kids, then it tends to start to recruit by itself through word-of-mouth. Marketing can be tricky, especially in the beginning when people don't know who you are. Its your relationship with local establishments you have to get right in my opinion: Where I cater to children, its schools and youth clubs. Once they know you are reliable, they tend to talk to each other and you have some momentum, but in the beginning I was just some random to them and I had a long time of polite stonewalling. If you are looking to work more with adults, I can't really help you. I've never really managed to make that work, but whether that can't be done, or just I'm temperamentally ill suited, I don't know.

    Dunno if that helps Curly. It is a lot of work, if you have a decent day job maybe stick with it: I don't know if I'd have been able to build my classes up to what they are now without giving it all my time. And even then, there have been some times when I've been really close to going under.

    Longshot, I've tried to keep it shorter for you. Thumbs up?


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