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    Re: any anglers?

    Originally posted by N_Scooby View Post
    Pond fishing is cheating - they've got nowhere to swim off to!!

    I've been sea fishing both shore and boat for years, since I was a nipper and my Dad took me.
    im 90% river angler but recently started hitting the gravel pit in the country park i near me, doing quite well, had bream to 9lb not had any carp out yet but they are there, a 42lb common came out at the beginning of the season and a 34lb catfish came out... lot of good fish and not bad for a £3.70 day ticket water... problem is its a HUGGGE lake and you can only fish 2 of the banks so the fish have more places to hide where you cant get them than i have to try and catch the blighters....
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      Re: any anglers?

      I'm an occasional coarse fisherman. I have a selection of rods, but always go back to a really old one my grandad gave me. I haven't been for a couple of years due to one thing or another. I've done more clay shooting recently.


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        Re: any anglers?

        Any of you lads fish abroad?

        Fished for Nile Perch in Egypt and Uganda.

        Stunning fish, biggest landed tipped the scales just over 134lbs.

        Would love to go back but given the way things are in that part of the world i'm not so sure!


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          Re: any anglers?

          Mainly Pike and Perch at the moment but I fish Game and Sea both shore and afloat.
          2012 I had Pike to 36lb 11oz and a new PB Perch of 4lb 4oz

          Started fly fishing for predators too including Bass on the Gower storm beaches which was incredible. Not really bothered about concentrating on Carp but watching friends who do is impressive ! Their absolute eye for detail and their watercraft is something many anglers could learn from
          Did some long trotting on a couple of southern chalk streams using my Grandads 1937 Milbro Revont 14 foot rod and Aeriel centre pin which just blew me away ! The quality of this tackle was amazing for its age

          Need to do some more overseas fishing in 2013, Musky and Bass in the states and hopefully some Samson fishing in Western Australia
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            Re: any anglers?

            I go coarse fishing occaisionally. Mainly float fishing or spinning. As for my kit, two of my three rods have been scavenged from the banks of the Norfolk Broads, along with much of my tackle. I think I started amassing tackle before actually fishing. My largest was a 15lb ghost carp.
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              Re: any anglers?

              I try most things, just don't have the time lol! Carp, Float coarse and Beachcasting are my main areas. Mostly go with my dad, have a nice day out in the sun, bacon sandwiches and unlimited tea- sorted! Have only had Carp to 13.5lb, but carp fishing isn't as big down here so the lakes aren't very well stocked or very mature... Best moments were pulling in 98 mackerell in three hours, had to stop due to not knowing what to do with them lol, it was crazy! And sitting in the vendee'n sun catching bream and watching otters chase each other on the far bank ... Really hope we get a nice summer in 2013... Anyone got pics? I always seem to remember the camera on quiet days, might be able to find a couple o pics...
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                Re: any anglers?

                Avid carp angler..... all the way for me
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                  Re: any anglers?

                  I'm more into sea fishing myself, just need to get a cheap spinning rod and put 4 feathers on it along with a weight. If your lucky you can catch abut 15 mackerel in a day down by the coast. I've tried sea fishing off the coast of scotland; very bumpy but worth it a 100 %. Caught a 20lb Cod but you need a pretty big rod to get it in along with a large multiplier.


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                    Re: any anglers?

                    Sea fishing FTW.

                    Rarely do it in the UK though. Maybe the odd mackerel for dinner.

                    Most my fishing is done when I'm in Malaysia. Half my time spent over there is usually fishing :P Pier, Dock, Beach, Boat... you name it, I'm usually on it :P

                    Generally fish for food, although we do go out if we have nothing better to do.
                    Have caught a barracuda before. Not the best thing to do when you're down to the last spare hook :P
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                      Re: any anglers?

                      Originally posted by Intervention View Post
                      Yeah, coarse angling here - been on a couple of Norfolk Broads boat holidays, that always end up in a pissup - good stuff.
                      I went fishing on Norfolk once, only thing I caught was chlamydiae.
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