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    hi all,

    is anyone into wakeboarding?

    i have started a few week ago and been doing for about 5 hours a day solidly. im not at a very high level, but i can make it across the whole wake in one jump.
    Atm im hooked and will be doing alot more. i am based near fordingridge so i wll be makeing many visits to the new forest water park .

    if enyone else is into this please share your experiences thaughts, pics or even advice.


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    I used to do it for the army till injry put a stop to it.

    Love the sport, try a cable park, you get a lot longer for the money which will allow you to build your core stability.


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      Re: Wake Boarding

      Used to be a very avid wakeboarder, but haven't been able to to get down to the coast for a while, and after my surgery I'm worried my knee won't stand up to it.

      Great fun though, love being out on the board!
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        Re: Wake Boarding

        I have been a few times but never managed to progress from a knee board, the cable tow always makes me do a head dive when starting standing up - mental workout for your arm muscles.


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          Re: Wake Boarding

          absolutely love wakeboarding. can't get enough of it at the moment.

          when friends go out on 'boat trips' here in hk - which basically means getting 30 or so of your mates out on a piss-up, on a boat - there's often lots of bananaboating and wakeboarding.
          loved the first 3 times i did it, even though i must have had less than 10 minutes out behind the boat in all that time, and maybe less than 2 mins on the actual board.
          so since then i've had two 2 hour sessions (shared with 4 friends), and can stay up on the board indefinitely, until i try a stupid trick or my arms fall off. i've tried to progress quite quickly, doing switches and ollies, but man is it a killer on your body! day after a wakeboard, you're as sore as a mother!

          not sure if this link will work, but here's a video of my first attempt at a jump.

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