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Bravo Two Zero (1999)

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    On that note does someone have the link to the BBC Panorama documentary “bravo two zero: a question of betrayal”? It was posted on one of FBs airsoft groups but can’t seem to find it for love or money! Grr It is the one where they all complain about being disposable and Ratcliffe being smug about binning the non disclosure contract. Oh and it has the kiwi included as well !
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      As good a watch as Sean Bean's 'Bravo Two Zero' is (& I would happily watch it anytime all these 20 years on) it should be seen & taken for the piece of entertainment that it is. Nothing more. Forget it when it comes to hard, accurate facts of mission, thats well & truly established at this point. Theres no disputing that. Sadly, for us, that also extends to weapons & equipment used by the patrol in the film as well.

      What is seen on the screen is practically no where near accurate. Being a collector of SAS kit form the era I can say the film is severely lacking in many areas. For instance, theres no WW2 windproof smocks, which the whole patrol used. Theres no lightweight combat packs, the patrol are all using PLCE bergens which wasnt the case & the weapons (although being Very close) are technically not accurate either. Same goes for the webbing as well. I could go on & on here but I'll leave it at that.

      Bottom line, yeah, the movie is a great watch. It could actually be doing with a modern remake, in my opinion, from Kiwi Mike Coburns perspective who battled with the MoD to publish his account of the patrol in a book named 'Soldier Five'. But, if you follow the kit & weapons in the film to the detail when it comes to a 'loadout' you're always gonna be Way off, especially to people like myself who know the difference. The effort & money it would take to create an accurate representation of film would be better spent 'getting it right', in all honestly. But, if you Really fancy that look then fair enough. Its certainly in keeping with the 'Old School' theme & thats always gonna get a thumbs up from me.

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