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  • Best in the area

    This site is amazingly managed and practically everyone takes their hits - no cheaters at all. Overall friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. A+

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    Re: Best in the area

    Really???????? That's what you thought???

    I went there for the night game last night and it's definitely the worst site I have ever attended, with bad games, unfriendly players, narrow playing areas (designed for their paintball site games)

    The first game was 1 team behind cover and at just out of range for most guns the attacking team, between them was an open field- with no cover at all, it was restricted so you were effectively funnelled into the guns of the defending team. The defending team could barely move and had 1 choice of cover, which if they didn't constantly suppress the attacking team with automatic fire the attacking team could get close enough to lob shots over the mound which was the cover - getting hits without actually being able to see their targets!

    Game 2 was a domination game, plenty of cover and the simple nature meant that it was an ok game, it was starting to get dark and hit taking suffered from some.

    Game 3 was the best of the evening as far as layout is concerned, 1 light in the top of the bus, unfortunately it was now really dark, hit taking became none existent. I know because I was using gen3 night vision and a zeroed in ir laser and consistently had to put more than 6 rounds into people before they would take a hit. I saw people react to hits 3-4 times before they would finally take it. After raising this with a Marshall and explains it the response was that in those circumstances he resorts to shooting players in the face with full auto.

    Game 4 was attack the compound- which was the safe zone, the safe zone was moved to another location and this was clearly explained in a safe and professional manner. There were 2 entrances to the compound and then 2 further choke points inside. There were plenty of lights on, some of which were turned off, then back on then off etc. great if you dont want to use night vision, but night vision wasn't needed as even when switched off it was too light to need it from other lights that were on in other parts of the compound. The game was just a constant meat grinder throughout with no other options.

    Game 5 was a reversal of this, I sat out the last 15 or so mins as the amount of non hit taking and meat grinder based game play wasn't fun. These games were based on who could chuck the most amount of pyro, which handily they sold on site, had a break just before the game and it was promoted throughout the break at least 4 times.

    Game 6 was a terminator game in another area, there were so many flood lights it was a day game with some shadows, no torch required. We left at the start of this game ( which was the final game of the evening) as we had attended for a night game, not game with so many lights you would be able to see it from space!

    My summary is this, I'm sure it's a great site if you like playing meat grinders all the time, while its a big site they break it down into lots of smaller sections so it means flanking, tactics etc cannot be used. Being a paintball site the safe zone facilities are great, they had toilets, benches etc and it's clearly a professional set up.

    There was a huge emphasis on buying pyro, and other references to how many players they get, general negative talk of other sites, the marshals and other players were the least friendly I have experienced to date in over 4 years of being an airsoft site whore.

    I have done in excess of 40 night games and 15 weekend milsims so I can appreciate when I'm just being moody and when I don't enjoy a site. The moaning about hit taking was rife among both sides (as was quite rightly the case!)

    I won't ever return to this site and could not recommend it to anyone.


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      Re: Best in the area

      I am very sorry that you had this experience, i myself haven't been to many other sites and the majority of the games i play are at thetford during the day; and i haven't seen any non hit takers during the day - maybe its a night thing? Thinking they can get away with it probably.

      Thanks for this - i will consider other sites.


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        Re: Best in the area

        Then how do you know it's the best in the area?

        Night games do tend to be worse for hit taking than day games.

        My issue wasn't just with the hit taking, but the overall set up, friendliness, game structures and site layout. As mentioned I have been to a lot of sites and all have been more enjoyable, I try to look for reasons why sites would be good, maybe it's just me. But honestly the only thing I can say for this site is that it might be good for stag type groups looking to do paintball to give airsoft a go instead, it's got good facilities, benches, toilets, music etc but I couldn't even recommend it to first timers as there are better, more enjoyable experiences and atomospheres available at other local site that I don't think would run the risk of putting new players off the sport.


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