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Theme Day Sunday 28th June

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  • Theme Day Sunday 28th June

    Operation Heavy Summer

    In the year 2016 North Korea aided Russia in conquering Ukraine and Kazakhstan and the world was outraged. Sanctions were imposed and nothing else really happened as most western forces were preoccupied trying to contain the Isis threat.

    Early in 2017 Russia repaid the favour and assisted North Korea invading the South to become one unified Korea.

    The date is now 18th June 2017 and large numbers of both Russian and Korean forces have been seen near the Borders of Mongolia. China fearing that this is a ploy to surround them for an invasion call to the west for help whilst setting up their own defences.

    British, American, Canadian and Australian forces all recovering from the Isis conflict have deployed ground units in the forest of Welbeck in Mongolia to hamper the advance of the Korea-Russian alliance.

    Can these forces hold whilst more forces and supplies are shipped in or will the iron might of the Russians and Koreans be too much.11425094_933340686709643_7896811212656847721_n.jpg

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