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  • Help for heroes Charity Event

    Hi all,
    As you may have previously seen, I am organizing a Charity Airsoft Event.

    We are raising money for Help For Heroes, which I am sure you know of. From what I generally hear around the game sites, on forums etc, a lot of people have a background in the armed forces or at least know someone that is/has been in them.

    I have managed to secure a date and location and price please see details below:
    Location: The Mall, Reading.
    Date: Saturday 24th June 2017
    Time: 6:30pm - 10:30pm
    Price: £22.00 – No money will EVER be paid to me.
    **Please note, as discussed with the staff at the mall, you WONT be able to hire on this date as this is an overhead which equals less money for the charity, sorry!**

    On the day, there will be a raffle, in which I am in talks with retailers to get some sort of donation to make it more appealing. I have been successful in getting some prizes so far, some of which are:
    - Free Custom paint job from
    - Full year subscription free of charge to Airsoft Action Magazine
    - and more

    Currently, the guys at the Mall are designing the “marketing” advert, which I will post here once it is complete. I can only assume that should you be interested in joining in the fun, and fundraising, you would email Zedadventures as per usual, however I’m not sure of the booking procedure just yet, so should you want further updates just put a little comment under here to say you’re interested and I’ll update you at a further date. Although should you follow Zedadventures of social media, you will see it, probably before I do

    Thank you for reading, have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of my scope

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