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My first experience of The Block 10.05.15

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  • My first experience of The Block 10.05.15

    It's the first time I've ever played here and first impressions were that it's very close quarters, there's alot of choke points and it's quite a simple and easy to learn layout. The safe zone seemed just about big enough for the amount of people present but some people didn't turn up so the site didn't have its full 40 players.

    The combat scenarios were good. On one you had to defend or retrieve 3 dummies hidden around the site and bring them back to your spawn, another was "trying" to control a mad scientist who controls a heavily armored dual wielding Juggernaut like character and another where you had to retrieve a key and bomb then hold it in a area for a certain amount of time. Also at the end they had a special birthday game where 2 birthday boys and their friends were put against the whole team. For the attack and defend games i wasn't too keen on the 3 deaths and out rule for the defending team, i play very aggressively and tend to get a fair amount of kills but also die a lot however i do realise the rule serves a purpose.

    The only rant i really have about this site is the marshals not waving their arms as they enter rooms. At one point of the day i was in the dark attic area and a marshal entered from a area about 10-15 meters away full of enemies without calling and waving his arm through the door. You can guess what happened then i get abit of a ear full. i just say "sorry marshal" because i don't argue with marshals. Throughout the whole day i didn't see any marshals properly indicating that they were moving through the site.
    i also noticed a player marshal not respawning properly and not taking a silly amount of hits. me and him got killed then instead of him going back to the respawn he just rejoined the back of the que into that firefight again. if marshals can't follow rules what hope do we have in a game of honesty?

    I hope someone from urban 6 reads this bit.

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