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  • Weekender email

    Here is a copy of an email sent today. It has been sent to all email addresses that booked places at the GZ weekender. Please check the lonks below and make sure your information is correct.



    In order to save problems on the day, I have published a list of all players attending and their payment status on the web. There are also lists for gun rentals and toilet hire. Please take a few moments to check your data is correct and mail me if there are any problems. EVEN THOUGH ZERO ONE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS IN THE SHOP, WE DO NOT ACCEPT BOOKING PAYMENTS ON THE DAY VIA CREDIT CARD.
    The web pages can be found here :-

    Only site staff, marshals and helpers are allowed on site Thursday night. The gates to the site will be locked until Friday morning at 8am, and unless you have made prior arrangements to have them opened you will not be able to gain entry. ANYONE thinking they have permission should check by replying to this email, otherwise you may be disappointed.

    There will be an area put aside on Friday for a “car boot” type sale. This area is for old kit and used goods, not for selling brand new goods. Anyone selling retail goods will be removed from the site. A few pieces of unopened kit are not a problem.

    All players, including those who have paid in full, should collect their welcome packs from the booking in desk. All toilet receipts and gun receipts will already be inside, with any balance to pay added to the front of the pack. If you have booked a toilet and need to collect the money from the rest of your friends, please do this before coming to collect your pack.
    For anyone collecting players on Sunday, the game ends at 1600 hrs.

    This year, the scores will be calculated as the game plays out, so scores will be available on Sunday when you leave.

    UK Dogtags will be on site again this year, they have mentioned the following :-

    "I wanted to ask the teams attending Ground Zero weekender to send me their logos in advance this year, and also ask if anyone wanted team patches. We have already done some embroidered patches for Bravo, Delta and The Others.
    His email address is : [email protected]
    Even if you think you might like your logo on your dogtags, send them across so they have them if necessary.

    See you all in less than a week,
    REMEMBER : Always report cheating tag numbers to a marshal. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.Bitching about cheaters/problems, but doing nothing to catch/solve them safely ensures the problem exists next time.

    You can't be bothered to report them, and they can't be bothered to take their hits. Perhaps they should all join a team called the can't be bothered and all sit together quietly as the can't be bothered to speak to each other.

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