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  • fps warning for 2016

    Hi, as always, i'm super excited for this weekend :?)

    However, last year i did see quite a few peaple with cuts from bb's that were (in all cases) long range shots (no one could tell who shot them because they were so far away- was something they all said when i asked).

    now i hope that this is just bad luck, or the shooters were much closer (and better skilled) than the bleading face'd targets had thought.

    i'd like to stress that this isn't a complaint, it's a worry i have had since last years excelent game(s) and to remind peaple that just calling "cheaters are scum etc.." athough theriputic, isn't realy a solution.

    my fear is that if players start to think that no fps checks = any fps you want + "well the other team have 800fps rifles, so why cant i?" - it would only be a matter of time before something bad happens that spoils it for all of us.

    i relise that the amazing numbers of players over the weekend presents problems for fps checks, and i don't have a perfect solution to sugest.

    the only thing i can think of is to have some undercover marshals in each team who do some spot checks at random. if one or two peaple get caught, it would have an effect for anyone tempted to gain the advantage of an over powerd bb projecter.

    anyway, sorry for making the first post contain negitive stuff, but i wouldn't feel good about myself if i didn't say something and someone got hurt later on.

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    Re: fps warning for 2016

    A very valid point wardivich, however I don't think the idea of "undercover marshals" will be implemented on most sites to be honest, however a good site with honest and trusted marshals is always the best bet, marshals who aren't afraid to make on the spot checks on their mates or regular club member/players during a game. Sadly I think most of us have come across this problem over time, thankfully in my present club it isn't that much of an issue, due to the marshalling, but I do appreciate that it is a problem that needs to be sorted, not only for the safety aspect, the enjoyment of the players there on the day, but also not to allow the slow creep away from the FPS rules that are set down nationwide for most clubs. It's a dangerous aspect that many players think is acceptable, even though in most cases as we all know, increased FPS doesn't produce better accuracy, it's the slow creep away from the rules that may, not alone, but could lead to further regulation on our sport, something we don't need .
    A lot of players buy guns that are "hot" out of the box, and don't get the necessary downgrade, which is common, but also there are those who will whatever the rules, sadly try and push their luck on the day with their own "modded" rifle.
    Sadly over the years, in my experience at least, it was PTW owners who were the majority of the guilty party, swapping out cylinders in-game, ( I'm sure PTW owners here will strongly disagree), and most were regular club members.
    Yes I know it sounds old fashioned, but Honesty has to be the one of the main goals of the sport in my opinion, otherwise, players get pissed off with bad behaviour and may end up leaving the sport, and giving bad rep to others, and people the less people playing the sport, will eventually lead to it's demise. ( Or the EU / Government will, given half a chance!).


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      Re: fps warning for 2016

      I should hopefully have a chrono on me for this weekender so whn im dead and doing my marshalling i can just do some random chroning on dead players as they walk past, I did catch out a few HPA users that didn't have there guns tournament locked and as a regular to the site and a hpa user I made certain they went back to the safezone to have their guns chrono'd and locked.

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        Re: fps warning for 2016

        If the current proposals go into law (and it looks like they will) it should remove the problem. Anyone with really hot weapons (single shot will be restricted to 500 fps and full auto to 370 fps) will be breaking the law and subject to prosecution as a firearms offence. So the worst we should see is 20 fps over the limit.


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          Re: fps warning for 2016

          Thought i'd just put a reminder up regarding the Ground Zero NAF site FPS rules:

          FPS Limits

          - Full Auto (AEG/Gas, Pistol & Rifle) 350fps
          - Semi Mode Only (AEG/Gas, Pistol & Rifle) 425fps (30m MED)
          - Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Spring Rifle Only) 500fps (30m MED)

          Anything obscure will fall under the Full Auto category above with a maximum limit of 350fps.

          Extreme close-up areas such as inside our village huts, the bunker complex, and in the tunnels are restricted to single shots only. 350fps maximum in these zones - no exceptions

          Please see the NAF website for full list of site rules.
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            Re: fps warning for 2016

            on a side note to people with snipers

            , i have a fully upgraded VSR 10 i purchased a element m145 spring for it hoping it to sit around the 460 - 480 mark , i own a chrono , i have no idea how it happened but i ran it through just to make sure it was safe for the NAR came out at 630 ><! so if you recently brought a element m145 defo get it checked before skirmishing it,

            three springs later shes sitting where i want her >.>



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              Re: fps warning for 2016

              as expected, an excelent weekend was had again. i didn't see any bleeding faces this time. the marshalls came up with an excelent solution, thank you all, my fear has gone :?) long live the weekend!


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                Re: fps warning for 2016

                I was chrono'd for the first time in my 5 years, which was good. But it was with my own BBs. I came in at somewhere less than 250fps iirc, but my mag had .32s in, so not really sure how beneficial it was. I got an instant respawn out of it.
                The only proper zinger i experienced all weekend was from a pistol that by the sounds of it was CO2. People seem to think that hot pistols are somehow OK.


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