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    Re: Car boot!

    Originally posted by druid799 View Post
    Will probably be selling a TM sopmod, changed to deans plus a spare complete upper (receiver inner/outer ris and hop unit) as well
    AND after my boy had a shitfit I was selling 'his sopmod' !
    I am NOW selling aTM recoil Scar L and a full sniper set up comprising of a well L96/scope/bipod/sling/bag full of .42's and I'm chucking in a bag to cart it around in as well !
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      Re: Car boot!

      Thought the car boot sale was quite dissappointing this year.
      Noticeable that very few rifs were available.
      Personally was dissappointed in the lack of variety avaiulable compared to recent years.
      Also noted that pretty much no one was willing to make offers which is kind of the whole point of a second hand sales area and pretty mucheveryone turned theerre noses up if something wasn't going for pennies and even then had to think twice about it.

      On the plus side still managed to make 520 haha and can't sniff at a colt carry handle scope and m727 front end for 20
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        Re: Car boot!

        Managed to gets v3 gearbox for a fiver, so I can reshell the one in my aug. Pretty chuffed with that really, since that's cheaper than a new shell, plus i get the internals as spares


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