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  • Nae 2016

    A big thank you to the organisers, Marshalls, food stalls and especially the bar!

    Had a great time this year apart from a few in game cheating issues. Most people took their hits but I witnessed people getting shot on both delta and others who couldn't be bothered to walk to the nearest deadzone and decided to walk around the bush and instantly spawn back in again. (I was in bushes by the fort on Saturday when delta held it at the 4:00 objective and actually heard a group of you say "I can't be f***ked to go to dead zone let's just go inside the fort and spawn there)
    Luckily these incidents were far and few between but if the rest of us play properly why can't everyone?

    Anyways, these incidents didn't change the fact I was once again having a great time at another great weekender and everyone I spoke to was awesome. I apologise if I did anything to offend anyone on Saturday night but I had too many jaegers and barely remember anything.

    See you all next year!
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    Re: Nae 2016

    My only complaint this year would be the same as I've had for the previous years, that the night game needs to be better organised.
    It's not at all easy to have a good night game scenario but holding it in the small CQB areas of the forest makes it more difficult to identify attackers or defenders than it would be if we were playing against each other in a larger open area e.g. Trenches or Heartbreak ridge. In addition it would be helpful to have some very low intensity illumination in some areas around the objective just so that those without night vision equipment can have a vague idea of where the paths and hard cover areas are.

    Also a round of applause for the hard work that the marshalls put into stringing up all of the glow sticks along the main path, it looked great!
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      Re: Nae 2016

      i'd like to add my thanks to everyone who worked this weekend, be it marshalling, serving or organising. my weekend was exelent and it's all because of you :?)


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        Re: Nae 2016

        Amazing as ever. Thanks guys to all who helped set it up this year, massive thanks to the marshalls too, you guys were really easy to talk to whenever we needed you.
        Even had a bit of minor first aid for a life changing injury on my thumb (a small cut)

        The improvements on the site were really impressive this year.

        Flags for nearest loos/water/rubbish, names on Tags/ colour of tags, The rooting tootin shootin range. Prison camp. and so on.....

        Every little bit helps and it certainly was one of the best ones i've been to.

        PS the game start bangs on Saturday weren't good for my hangover though, a little less of them please.
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          Re: Nae 2016

          The bangs on sat morning were a bit too much, I had a mate who wasnt expecting them that loud and was 'digging in with his eyebrows'. Whilst I get that we all like the bangs at the start, some forewarning would be good for those who dont like explosions due to PTSD or something else.



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            Re: Nae 2016

            Mega weekend. Good gameplay and honest players apart from the one teflon warrior at heartbreak ridge. You know who you are. Probably posting stories right now of how he wiped out 20+ players on his own. Anyway that was the only time, everyone else was mega and the battle at the village was intense. Marshalls even realised their oversight on the amount of huts taken and rectified the score. Pistols game was awesome just wish id brought more ammo so i could stick around. Was bloody hot friday and the vest/shorts combo actually worked well.

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              Re: Nae 2016

              It was a brilliant weekend. My only complaint would be the matlock combat games guys who camped right next to us seemed to be constantly smoking weed the whole weekend and despite multiple complaints, nothing seemed to be done about it, do what you want in your spare time but I don't my stuff to stink of the stuff


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