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Tanaka m870 and TM under barrel shootgun

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  • Tanaka m870 and TM under barrel shootgun

    Can someone help me and tell me what these gun are going for.i have to idea what they are Worth and i’ve had him for a long time.
    I still have the original shells for the tanaka i think there is 7or8.

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    Tanakas are tricky to value as a lot depends ( in my opinion ) on the condition of internals and what parts have been upgraded. Is it working properly? Have the charging arms been replaced with real steel? Is it the standard plastic bolt and firing pin set up or has it been replaced with the fancy cnc steel version. I can see in your pic you have a madbull ss6 shell, how many of those do you have to go with it? Those shells are pricy. If its all working properly and has a few of the madbull shells to go with it I would say 250 to 300. To the right buyer. Obviously there have been a lot of shell ejecting shotguns produced since the release of the tanaka such as the APS, pps and dominator offerings so it may be less desirable than it once was.

    You dont see the tm m203's come up for sale very often and I've never seen one with a custom fitted wood pistol grip. Looks very cool' maby 90. Get a few opinions though as its kind of a one off.

    Both of those toys are a little on the rare side so I wouldn't jump at rhe first offer that turns up in your inbox. I would deffinatly re post this in the appraisals section of the classifieds and maby do the same on arniesairsoft forums as you may find more people with a thing for rhe old skool toys you have there.


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      Cool thank you for your advice. yes its been fully upgraded with real steel on the changing arms and cnc steel firing pin set. none of the madbull shells i have hold any gas
      thanks again.


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