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Help me pick a helmet pls! MFH Fast helmet?

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  • Help me pick a helmet pls! MFH Fast helmet?

    Hi folks!

    In previous games I've used goggles, a lower face mask and a balaclava, but that's an exercise in sweatiness in even the coldest weather, so I'm planning on upgrading. I thought I might go for a fast helmet with face guard like so I can have as little as possible stuck to my face. I might even look at trying to integrate some goggles in there too, and maybe even something to go over the front of my neck.....

    The thing is, I don't really know what I'm doing with helmets. I see zeroone has an MFH one which looks quite promising - It looks nice and lightweight rather than having full foam like a cycle helmet, it has the tightener knob thing at the back that people on youtube seem to like, and it's not too pricey. Does anyone have any experience with it? A key thing for me is that I have quite a large head - 60cm circumference and 22cm front-to-back. If anyone has one, would you mind holding a ruler up to it and seeing if you think I'd get my head in there?

    As an alternative, does anyone have a recommendation for one they think would be better (without moving up in price too much)?

    Thanks all,


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    Honestly, having played for several years I'd advise against a helmet.

    They are an item a lot of new players buy, they are very sweaty and often discarded after a game or 2. A baseball cap provides a fair bit of protection from bbs and will be far better for sweatiness issues.

    If you really must have a helmet, most of them are for small and medium sized heads, mine is big and most of them are just too small. I have a pts mtek flux and it is by far the best helmet I have used but it's not cheap.


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      Oh really? Thank you. My main motivation was thinking it's better to have one thing stuck on me than three (blaclava, lower face mask, goggles). If cheapie helmets are likely to be too small, maybe it's a better bet is to start with a full face mask and see what I can do from there.....


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