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Specna Arms Edge 2.0 how good are they in 2021

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  • Specna Arms Edge 2.0 how good are they in 2021

    I splashed out and got myself a new toy, just waiting on it to arrive. My worry is I didnt really research the gun before I got it. Dont blame me it was on sale (always a good sign) and id been originally looking at a king arms PDW. Now im researching, alot of people have bad things to say about specna and also the aster mosfet inside it. I have lots of experience teching my own guns so that doesnt bother me, but ive never had a mosfet let alone an optical one and im worried with what people are saying il mess something up by taking it apart I did buy the usb link for it though so I can re calibrate.

    Am I basically taking a big gamble it being a lemon (thats what the internet makes it seem like) or am I likely ok to go out the box

    How has peoples specnas been out of the box since theyve been supposedly trying to sort their QC out? Many thanks

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    I’ve picked up one of their basic edge range as a lending gun. Really really surprised on how decent a package it was for 140 new.

    metal bodied, mosfet installed, quick change spring that doesn’t need the gearbox removing, and 2 midcaps. Even wired to deans.

    initial impressions on trigger response and gearbox sound is great, and mine chronoed at 320 out the box. There’s a spare spring but I think that’s the standard over 350 spring it probably came with from factory.

    as for how long it’ll last I do not know, but the mosfet is covered with plastic to prevent water damage, everything’s tight and solid where it should be, I don’t foresee any real issues.

    Haven’t tried out the hop yet but that’s the easiest upgrade going


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      I love my specna se-05. It's a great performer


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        Specna had a bad batch of gearboxes when they switched from e&c to orion. Recently the qc seems to have improved on the orion guns so the newer specnas should be fine. There is the possibility that it will turn out to be one of the older ones though in which case keep an eye out for gearbox case cracking and other issues.


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