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Best M4 AEG & GBBR with a triangle front sight & colt markings

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  • Best M4 AEG & GBBR with a triangle front sight & colt markings

    I was thinking probably the TM M4A1 MWS GBBR & TM M4 NGRS. Are there anything better than these two? (Note: It HAS to have a TRIANGLE FRONT SIGHT & COLT MARKINGS.)

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    With regard to GBB’s in the style you’re after, front iron sight and Colt markings, yes, the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS is going to be your best bet. There’s nothing on the market better than the TM as far as build quality, function and looks go.

    The only other options are buying a WE M4 with a blank lower receiver and getting the markings engraved, or buying a trademarked lower receiver and switching them out, or buying a WE M4 with the trademarks already on from one of the Asia stores. It’s the cheaper option, but a bit more hassle.

    King Arms and VFC both do a trademarked GBB M4A1 but they are difficult to come by. I think only available from the Asian stores, but they’re unlikely to be as good as the TM.

    Unfortunately I’m not really into AEG’s so can’t give much advice, but again you can’t really fault Tokyo Marui from my understanding.
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