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TM High Cycle RPS??

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  • TM High Cycle RPS??

    I own a TM high cycle (Aug) but I would like to know what RPS other TM high cycle owners are getting from theirs.

    The claim by Tokyo Marui is, as I understand it, that a 8.4v battery can achieve 25rps.

    Personally I love TM's, I own 6 and have used them for 19 years but I'm not getting close to 25rps!!

    My Aug HC on a fully charged vapex 8.4v 1600 nimh battery only manages 18.2 rps.

    The only upgrade it has is a 380mm tight bore barrel but I have swapped back to the original for testing and not gained a higher rps.

    I contacted the retailer I bought this from and asked what RPS they would realistically expect me to get and they answered 20-25rps.

    If you own a TM high cycle please let me know the model, rps, any mods and battery size you use.