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Need advice for gun - Tokyo Marui Scar H or Tokyo Marui 416 Devgru

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  • Need advice for gun - Tokyo Marui Scar H or Tokyo Marui 416 Devgru

    Hey guys I made this account just for the purpose of this thread right here ;3

    Ok so today I am deciding between either a Tokyo Marui Scar H or a Devgru 416

    I like the H as I am a lefty ,but I hear some bad things about the stock breaking.

    I also like the Devgru. I dislike the wobble of the M4/416 style stocks. Its just the way they are built.

    I think both of these guns are beautiful and if you guys could tell me which is just overall a better built gun that would be awesome.

    Keep in mind you all that Im going to be using this gun in cqb, upcoming milsim games, and even just outdoor walk on gameplay.

    So basically I need a versatile work horse.

    And No I do not mind that I will have to get new pouches etc for a scar H I have it sorted already/

    Thanks in advance for replies I appreciate it. Hopefully will have swift replies as I anticipate to make my decision and following it up with a purchase soon after


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    I tried the scar its to heavy I ended up getting the M4 cqbr its so versatile and its good for long distance


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      So m4 or 416?


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        They are both excellent guns just get the one you prefer the look of

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