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TM HK416c Recoil Upgrades

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  • TM HK416c Recoil Upgrades

    Iíve just got a Tm hk416c recoil in a trade and was wondering if there are any upgrades that people recommend. I donít want to just change bits for no reason but if there are specific parts people recommend upgrading and why I would be interested to know.
    Cheers Rob

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    had mine and just did a spectre, spring up to 340-ish fps and thatís work out fine...

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      Nice one. I donít wanna go mad and am not expecting mega range due to the short barrel. But just wondered if there was any upgrades people recommended for more reliability/better performance


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        The TM 416 is a nice variant. There are many upgrades you can do to it.. In order I'd say the following.

        Easy upgrades:
        1. Replace the standard hop bucking snd nub with Firefly purple and a soft ff nub. Also a tight bore barrel (6.03 but get a good brand and clean it before installation)

        Upgrades which require you to know what you are doing:
        2. Replace the main spring. By doing this you have 2 options. Either get a new cylinder and piston head as the TM springs are hooked into the TM piston head or just use the stock TM one.
        3. Replace the recoil shock spring if you want better recoil and a louder clang!
        4. Cylinder, piston, air nozzel and spring guide. I use prometheus bit's in mine.
        5. Steel gears to replace the TM stock (high toque gears recommended)

        Nice to have upgrades:
        6. Mossfet - Titan Gate (oh I assume you're running lipo's too)

        that's about it really..


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