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Back in the game after 10 years!

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  • Back in the game after 10 years!

    Morning everyone,

    Myself and a good friend have decided to get back into airsoft from a very long break! We are both in are 30's now and after yet another discussion of very fond memories we thought why not!?

    My name is Rob, and based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Brad and I often played in various sites down South: Eversley, Chobham, Southampton etc

    Obviously when we used to play UKARA certainly wasn't around, fortunately due to the area we both work in our public liability insurance allows us to purchase RIF's without them being 2 toned. Although I fully intend to get my own UKARA number asap as it makes buying much easier.

    That being said it's allowed to me to buy two new weapons, the first for a very long time!

    A Krytac LVOA-S and a TM PX4 as back up (I also have a very old TM Super 90 back from when I used to play)

    It's a shame I didn't keep my old gear/guns as the last few weeks buying up new equipment etc has been bloody expensive!

    Some of my old guns included...

    TM Famas F1 (my first gun and ex rental)
    TM Sig 550
    TM H&K MP5 SD5
    CA M16
    ICS AK74U
    TM Beretta M9
    WA Infinity
    TM Glock
    TM AK Spetsnaz
    Tanaka Revolver (not sure what type but it was olive green and miss it terribly!)

    I've probably missed a few!

    Looking forward to booking my first game very soon!

    Any recommendations of any decent sites new/old that are local to me? As although I'm starting up with my mate, he is very busy with work etc so I will probably end up playing a few games on my own, and rocking up to the odd game solo!

    Cheers, and thanks for reading.


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    Welcome back

    LOOKING FOR: S&W N-frame holster
    trader feedback


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      You are located in a decent area,so you have my favourite new site which is ucap redemption in Portsmouth ,which is a prison and there are a couple of sites around Aldershot

      LOOKING FOR: S&W N-frame holster
      trader feedback