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Cunning or Cheating?

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  • Cunning or Cheating?


    The “Dead Mans Walk”

    witnessed it last weekend to great effect, circa 8 players taken out In one game

    player walking nonchalant style towards the opposing team

    head down, rifle down, pistol out of holster and pointed towards the ground

    when eventually close enough to guarantee some hits, up comes the pistol and pewpewpew

    wasn’t long before an opponent opened up fire

    Eliminated players complain of cheating to marshals

    whats your opinion?

    (Sneaky bastard was me by the way)

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    Not good sportsmanship and that's why sites should inforce the barrel bag for when players are dead or they're free game to engage.


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      This is about the epitome of what's wrong with the sport.

      It's not in the spirit of the game and actively makes people intentionally target dead players, akin to the type of behaviour that targets intentionally doing headshots.

      The main foundations of the game are trust and honour. Honour to play the game and take your hits and to trust others to take their hits. If you don't play with honour your ruin it for all the other players.

      The trust at a site then breeds how the rest of the game is, dipping in and out of site boundaries, headshot (when other options are available, headshots are fine of that's all you can see, just not sportsman like when there are other options etc) forcing bs 50/50, shooting to yield, general over kills and ultimately slips further into intentional non hit taking.

      Technically, is it against the rules? No, but everyone else on site will think you're a cunt and act accordingly.

      If a site I attended condoned or encouraged this id leave immediately and never go back.

      If this is the only way you can get some hits, well that's sad, I'd encourage you to try harder and different tactics which I can almost guarantee you'll find more rewarding.


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        Also, let's say the enemy who did eventually shoot you, didn't. How hollow would that "victory" have felt, if you can't do it through skill, luck etc and only by "cunning" (basically cheating) play then what's the point?


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