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Wisport Raccoonr 85L rucksack *picture heavy*

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  • Wisport Raccoonr 85L rucksack *picture heavy*

    Hi guys, allow me to present the first english review of the Raccoon 85L rucksack by Wisport
    Please note i have added 4 small utility pouches and a Rush Tier system set of male buckles to the pack. THESE DO NOT COME WITH THE PACK

    Wisport is a Polish company who, in collaboration with the Polish armed forces, has desgined a series of millitary and commercial backpacks


    Costing 160 (10 for camo flavours), the bag is in no way cheap but is much more affordable in comparison to its American counterparts, like Eberlestock for example. And you do recieve a nice couple goodies in with the pack, on both shoulder straps come molle hydration clips (i removed one and put it on my vest) and on the left side of the belt you get a grimloc

    The pack as standard comes with two very large (roughly 10ltrs) side pouches, these came preattached with my bag. I will go into a bit more detail on these later
    There is loads (and i mean loads) of PALS slots to attach extra pouches onto the pack. Most are located on the front of the pack, there are additional on the top hood and lower left and right sections, as well as more on the large side pouches
    And as you may have already noticed, theres more compression strap webbing then you really need. The compression straps run the length of the pack, as well as width, there are even compression straps on the side which cover and compress the large pouches on the sides

    Straps and Belts

    The Raccoon (and as well as many other Wisport packs) utilise a system called FAS (Fast Adjustment System)

    What this allows you, and the pack, is to adjust to you posture and height very quickly. It also allows the pack to adjust to your posture at whatever angle you are at. So if your'e going up or downhill, the straps will adjust as needed

    The shoulder straps and belt are very well padded, an added level of comfort which is well recived, the shoulder straps are held with a buckle for a quick release system (should you ever need it)

    On either side of the pack are carry handles, useful if your putting you pack into the car for example
    The belt comes with 2 PALS webbing on either side, just enough room to attach a very small pouch or a single mag pouch

    Pockets and Pouches

    Starting from the top down, the pack comes with a hood cover which houses 2 pockets (one inner one outer) and two straps on top, good for attaching bed roles or clothing

    As you can see, i hold my goggles in the top. Its not incredibly spacious, but there is a nice amount of room in it
    On the inside is a smaller pouch, about half the outer pouches size, at the moment i use it for holding small bits and bobs

    There are two very small pouches at the bottom of the pack (below where the large side pouches are held), around the hip area on either side, closed with a drawstring, this is best used for holding non fragile bits, like gloves, socks, hats etc

    sorry if its hard to see, it wasnt easy getting pics of these

    And at the very bottom, right by your bum, is a nice little hidden compartment holding the rain cover. You could use this pouch for other means, like holding flat non fragile items, but its rather cramped

    The main compartment(s)

    Now, the main section of this pack can be split into two seperate chambers if you choose to. By use of a drawstring closeable section, the lower part becomes isolated and accessible from the front of the pack

    Please note the sleeping bag is huge, there is plenty of room here

    The upper section is accessible by unclipping the hood and opening (another, theres quite a few on this) drawstring opening
    Inside you'll find two additional pockets, one alongside the wall of the sack (against your back) and one free float pack. The free float is zipped to prevent things from falling out, the lower pocket has an elastic top. I believe this is used for hydration bladders as underneath the free floating pouch is a "V" slit for running a hose through

    Though hard to tell, there is LOTS of room here, i was able to fit in my entire casual clothes selection into this compartment

    The outer pouches

    To start with, these pouches are locked with a very weird buckle system, called (by the company) Spanish Buckles, i've never seen or heard of these before, but i can't say i like them to be honest

    The pouches are covered in PALS slots to attach extra stuff (i have already). The pouches themselves are molle'd onto the pack itself using a strap which folds back into the straps, its doesn't use a popper set-up like every other molle pouch out there, but i've had no issues with it so far.

    To get into the pouch, you need to unlock and open the lid and undo the (you guess it) drawstring. Inside is plenty of room for gear. At present i have a pair of knee-pads in one of mine and more stuff to add to it. I've managed to fit 6 pairs of rolled up jeans in one, its incredibly spacious

    Final thoughts
    While at 160, its by no means cheap. but you do feel like you're getting your moneys worth. The shear amount of space available is staggering, I can see this being used for hiking, camping or even as use as a bug out bag for you preppers out there
    The added padding on all points of contact makes for a very comfortable pack. I've used mine with my RIFs inside, gear hanging off the sides and whilst it was heavy, it was by no means uncomfortable. Felt like i could go on a long (flat) walk somewhere

    The cons? well theres a couple.
    Those spanish buckles i mentioned, there a bit too weird for my tastes. I cant understand why theres a dozen or so nexus buckles, but not on the pouches
    Another nit pick is the over use of webbing straps and drawstring covers and the lack of any interior pockets for organizing items, but those are nitpicks that im being very anal over

    On the whole, a very good backpack made by the Polish to rival the Yanks' for a whole lot less (theres a joke in there somewhere)
    I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a large backpack for whatever you may need it for

    And for those wondering what the raincover looks like

    Some Wisport promo images of the pack. Note mine is Olive as in this promo, but the pack is more a Dark Brown with OD webbing
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