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M4S90 shotgun info?

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  • M4S90 shotgun info?

    Hi I was Wondering if any one knows who makes a m4s90 replica ???

    It's a really cool looking shotgun and only found one made buy a company called UTG costing about $65 that is spring operated.

    Does any one know what these ones made by UTG are like ?

    Was thinking it proberly a waste of money at that cheap price and would not fancy paying import tax etc of there a pile of s*** lmao.

    Any info on m4s90 shotguns I would be greatfull.
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    Re: M4S90 shotgun info?

    DE make one with a full stock called the M56A or the M56DL with the collapsible stock and i'm pretty sure TM do as well, have a look through the well known sites and see what you find
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      Re: M4S90 shotgun info?

      Seen you can get a tm m3s90 on zero one, it pricey at 170 for spring gun , but guessing being tm it will be well made.

      If any one has used one could you let me know what there like ? As I seem loads about the spaz being really good but don't see why m3 is near 40 more.


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        Re: M4S90 shotgun info?

        The DE's are good for price and build isn't terrible, obviously TM would be better but they can be a tad pricey as you said


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