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  • TAG Grenades

    Has anyone tried the tag grenades?
    They look great, launch able smoke and flashbangs etc.
    The ics launcher with a bunch of those would be awesome, but I heard from someone that a lot of the grenades don't go off or something?
    Launch able cyclone grenade would be the nuts...


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    Re: TAG Grenades

    Yup tried them. They were good when they worked...
    Unfortunately the launcher started leaking (gas goes in...comes straight back out) after around 4 launches and I haven't bothered fixing them since.
    Same issue with my friend's one (brought at the same time).

    Not sure if they have since improved it, as mine were one of the first ones available in the UK.

    At the site where I marshal we've had someone trying to smash out the reaper shells in games... unfortunately half of his pack failed to detonate.
    This was again a year ago so maybe TAG have got their act together and improved...


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      Re: TAG Grenades

      I took one out last game and had a blast,

      everyone went off with a crack.

      the timed 3 sec are best, the impact are ok and the smoke are a bit shit, not much smoke for cover just use for marking.

      here's some footage

      - - - Updated - - -

      this guy shows how to fire better smoke from a m230

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        Re: TAG Grenades

        That's cool, I can imagine some sites wouldn't let you do that though. I just think they are a great force multiplier. How wide are the eg18's??


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