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ICS GLM reveiw request!

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  • ICS GLM reveiw request!

    Bought one this morning. Bit too late to change my mind, but yeah...want to know what people thought of these.

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    Re: ICS GLM reveiw request!

    A good friend of mine bought one of these a while ago, I must say I was quite impressed given the exceptionaly low price tag. It's much lighter than the CAW version as it is made mostly but not entirely of ABS. It felt pretty robust to me and it is a closer replica of the real steel Milkor MGL although not quite perfect.
    The one draw back my friend had noted was that it worked best with the new plastic m203 shells that have been entering the market. I would normally use Madbull m203 shells but as those are quite heavy being all metal the mechanism for the ICS GLM either struggles or fails to rotate the cylinder to load the next shell.
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