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Battery Charging Guide

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  • Battery Charging Guide

    Knowing how long to charge batteries for is a head ache pretty much everybody has come across before. Questions tend to fall into either:

    - How long do I charge without damaging my battery pack.

    - Do I have enough time to slow charge before tomorrows skirmish.

    Charge Time Conversion Tool


    1000 mA = 1 A

    Stock Chargers

    When buying a new gun it will often come with a charger that has not got automatic cut off. These are trouble as you can either undercharge your pack (and it runs out) or over charge and do it damage. You are best investing in a good charger if possible. If you want to use the stock charger, you will need to calculate how long it takes.

    You will need to know the Mah of the battery pack (found on the pack itself) and the charge rate of the charger (on the charger, in the manual or manufactors website).

    Higher Quality Chargers

    If you can, invest in a good charger like the Ripmax Pro Peak 2500. Also available in "Varipulse" (so you can choose your charge rate). They cost between £30-£40, but in the long run save hassle and time. Unlike the cheap chargers they offer "fast charge" for when you're in a rush, and also automatically cut off when fully charged.

    As standard it "slow charges" at 130 mA, which is a 20 hour charge time for a 2200 mah pack. A slow charge is better for the pack, but often charging batteries is a rush job the night before. On fast charge (3.5A - 3500 mA) it takes only 45 minutes.

    With the Varipulse, it is possible to select the charge speed, therefore giving the option of the slowest charge in the time frame you have. Using the same calculator as above, enter the time you have, and the pack capasity. Using the 2200mah pack example, say it is 0100 and you've just remembered, we can charge at 0.5A (500 mA) and it will be ready at 0600 fully charged.

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    Re: Battery Charging Guide

    Pro peaks will be a think of the past soon! With ROHS coming in strong!

    simple guide:
    nicad, discharger before use.
    nimh, charge when you feel like it, occasional discharge won't go a miss.


    battery capacity / charge capacity x 1.5 = charge time in hours


    3300 mAh (milli Amp hours) battery

    charge setting of 330 mAh

    3300/330 = 10hours (think 10 glasses to fill the bucket)

    however because your a sloppy git, you spill loads

    10 x 1.5 (add 50%) = 15hours from totally flat on that setting
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