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L85 A2 G&G v ICS

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  • L85 A2 G&G v ICS

    Hi all I'm trying to gather as much info as I can as to whether G&G or ICS will give me the better options on upgrading.

    I'm looking at buying either the l85a2 AVF or Carbine version, of the L85.

    I know the G&G version has the new G&G Mosfet ETU setup, so straight away I can run that with an 11.1 Lipo and I would disable that annoying fake gas blow back option.

    However ICS did install that handy spring adjuster, which on face value could pro and not a con.

    As I want to upgrade the internals on what I buy I was initially looking at a boneyard L85, but pickings are slim and I can't find what I want.

    Where I really need some advice though, as most forum info I'm reading is from 2013 - 2018 is which version is more accepting of internal upgrade parts?

    Ideally I would like to fit a Gate Warfet and a TNT barrel.

    I would also like to fit a new motor, gear set, rotary hop unit, piston and head.

    However I'm not sure what you can fit, on some forums they say the ICS version uses M4 parts and then others it's M14 as for G&G that's not showing it uses anything other than G&G parts.

    So with that said can anyone share any knowledge they might have on either the G&G or ICS L85, as it might help me finally buy one and start tinkering with it

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