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Snow wolf M24 socom

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  • Snow wolf M24 socom

    Got this gun brand new and I got low rise Weaver mounts to keep the scope low.

    Using .28 BB's at the moment but thinking of going a little heavier.

    Issue 1 : can't seem to line the scope up with the shot. The shot seems to be low all the time.

    Test range around 30 metres.

    Issue 2: the gun apparently has an accuracy consistence problem that it can have a spread on it so if I can minimise this issue maybe it will help with issue number 1.

    Issue 3 : the hop design seems a little shit in my opinion and don't know if it is upgrade able or modified to be better ?

    Help with these would be great.

    This gun was bought so I could dabble in sniping and see if I enjoy it otherwise I would have bought a TM VSR

    thanks Dan

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    Re: Snow wolf M24 socom

    Make of scope?
    Have you got a work mate? if you have clamp it in that when zeroing the rifle you can then see if the scope is moving as you adjust it. (also keeps it dead on target for each shot)

    Clean the barrel with some IPA (isotylproylalcohol) on the a bit of kitchen roll and the cleaning rod until the cloth comes out with no black on it


    Photos of the hop would help me personally help you but others may be able to help more on this as i have not handled one.
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    I will post but collection preferred on all RIF's

    Proof of defence from VCRA will be needed. Either its UKARA/skirmish details/reenactors/ will be fully checked out or I will two tone the rifle


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      The scope says SMK on it. It's a 3-9x40 scope.

      Already cleaned the barrel with a silicon oil to clean and lightly lubricate it till the cloth was clean.

      The adjuster is just a sliding price of metal I have not dismantled the unit as I don't want to cause fault this early on haha


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        I researched these a fair bit mate, as wanted to buy one myself. However, after prolonged googling, turns out the only way to get this gun shooting straight and true, with the range you would want from a boltie....pretty much everything internally needs to be replaced. If you PM me, I can direct you to a thread with all the info you could need.
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