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Vsr 10 with an aeg barrel..

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  • Vsr 10 with an aeg barrel..

    Hi guys I've got a tm vsr 10 and recently got some parts for it.. I got a new tm precision hop chamber and also a PDI 430mm 6.05 barrel however this is the aeg type.. Now from what I gathered all I need to do is dremel down the two lips in the hop chamber which will allow the barrel to seat in the chamber, however I am wondering which hop up rubber I use, weather it's aeg type or vsr type? I was recommended the ssh bucking because it is thick for air seal and I plan to R hop it (if I figure out how with the funny barrel window on the PDI) but these are the original vsr type, so do these fit right on to the PDI barrel as a normal rubber does?


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