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  • Forum Server Upgrade

    Some good news!

    Within the next couple of weeks (hopefully) the Zero In server will be being upgraded to a new all singing all dancing system!

    What does this mean you ask?
    Well firstly that with the forum being hosted on a new server, it should actually run correctly and efficiently and primarily with less outages.
    Secondly, it does mean that at some point in the next couple of weeks the forum will once again be down for a couple of days whilst the data is transferred.

    Hopefully everything will go smoothly and once it's back up and running it'll be the last time there are those blasted error 500's

    I will endeavour to make a post the day before the forum is closed so you can tie up any sales you're in the process of, but there's no precise ETA at the moment.

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    This will be happening over the next couple of days, hopefully it'll all go well and the server will be back up and running super fast :D


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      So, after the 2 days wait... it turns out the guy at the hosting company who was supposed to be transferring the forum to the new server has been off .

      I've opened the forum for the weekend, it will probably close Monday now.

      Once it's up and running on the new server I am going to do my damned best to get it running like it should be.


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